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Who's This Hottie Being Linked With Badjao Girl? Is He The New Boyfriend?

We all have seen and heard the recent popularity of the social media sensation named Rita Gaviola or also known as Badjao Girl. She has been the talk of the town ever since her recent viral photo

and has been seen in different shows in television. Now, she is going viral once again as many netizens were shocked of a video that was brought on youtube and many are still speculating about it.

In the video it showed that an unknown good looking man was seen with Gaviola and was looking very sweet to each other. At first they were seen in a party very close to each other taking a video and now series of photo compilation from the recent Bajao Girl charity event. Fans and supporters couldn't help but be happy for her and everyone were excited of the news, could he be the rumored boyfriend of badjao girl?

You can go watch the video on this 

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